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1 June 2016: end of an era (~12 years)
New chapter, but I'll be sharing some of my teaching resources soon (I hope)
general geology links
General Geology Links

updates to come...
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Tectonics Links!

Earthquakes, volcanoes, and more
Oceanography Links
Ocean Links

how many oceans are there?
Geological Photo-vignettes
My "Geo-Photos"

a smattering
Geology Field Trips
Field Trips

various jaunts around SoCal
the GRAND Canyon!
The Grand Canyon!

raft trips in 2007 and 2011, plus
San Diego Ass'n of Geologists

local society, in which I am active
SDSU Geo-Alumni
SDSU Geo-Alumni

updates to come...
My Study Area
San Marcos Dike Swarm

my M.Sc. study subject
New Scanned Rocks Page
Scanned Rocks

since 1995...
The Geology Guy Calendars

2005, 2008-2010
Geo-haiku project

I'm a poet?
Screen shots from my not-so-big movie role from 1974:
My big fat movie role from 1974
I was part of a movie for Exxon called "Nuclear Energy: A Perspective"
(see it on here)
I did my day of shooting in the summer of 1974, which translated into about 35 seconds of screen time...
You can watch all 35 seconds HERE (might be best to download it first...)
Thesis Defense PowerPoint Masters Degree Thesis
My vitals:

Earth Day Presentations 2011 and 2013
"CG-Squared" Home Page
"PhilFarq" Home Page
Now serving Earth denizen:

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