Rough-Hewn Land - Keith Meldahl

Talk to San Diego Association of Geologists

Hilton Garden Inn, Carlsbad, California
16 November 2011

Keith Meldahl

The video of the talk, as an MPEG-4 file (334 MB) is HERE.
Probably best to download it via right-click, save as...

The PowerPoint, with no narration, is HERE (new window)

Narrated PowerPoint is HERE (new window)

Read this book if you're interested in knowing how the western U.S. was assembled (think "beer-can terranes").

Available from Amazon, as well as other fine booksellers:

Rough Hewn Land
The ISBN is 978-0520259355 - search for it.

If you find this book interesting and useful, you may also be interested in Keith's first book, Hard Road West: History and Geology along the Gold Rush Trail.

Now in paperback, the ISBN is 978-0226519623 - available from Amazon, etc.

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